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Request for performance review


It has been a great pleasure working for Company Name for the last 2 years as a Job  with dedication at work. In our time here, I have learned a lot about being a quality employee.

I are always stay on top of our duties and tasks.

I have tried to complete all the assignments within deadline and our attitude in dealing with colleagues and superiors was excellent.

I enjoy working here and appreciate the challenges that our positions provide me.

Though I are grateful for the professional opportunities the company offers me, I regret to tell you that my current salary does not meet my expectations.

As you are likely aware, my  salary has not changed since 18 february 2019.

Therefore, the purpose of this letter is a request for a pay raise meeting.

At this meeting, I’d be happy if we could review my performance level and discuss the salary issue.

I strongly believe that my contribution justifies a raise in salary as the salary level should be in accordance with the industry averages, my current competencies and performance.


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